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I was curious if you have any insight around the responsibilities of acting as an executor for a will, and/or acting as power of attorney for a loved one. I’m not talking about basic ‘how to,’ I know what to do.
My father recently passed and I’m the executor of his will. My mother is still living, but has dementia (about a 6 on a 1-10 scale). Before anyone says it… all the legal paperwork is in place (POA’s financial and medical for mother and Wills for both, etc.).
I’m having to make some decisions. I use the Dave method, so I no longer have any credit cards or loans. I’m wondering if there’s any reason to leave their various credit cards open. Or, to phrase it differently. Since there’s no debt, is there an advantage to closing those accounts for their finances.
The main advantage I see is simplicity. It’s really difficult to rope in all their financial matters with a lot of unnecessary accounts open. Plus, their closed accounts can’t be lures for unscrupulous people.
I’m also interested in hearing how you handle this responsibility emotionally. I pray about this stuff a lot.

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